At Ardens Solicitors , we are are experts in Insolvency and Company Restorations. Our Commercial Legal Team will be able to help in the restoration of a company.

We recognise that time is often a priortiy. Our specialist team will take care of all the formalities, liaising with the Courts, drafting, submitting and replying to all forms and correspondence. We will provide a professional service at all times.

There are two routes that can be taken to restore a company, by a Court Order or via Administrative restoration.

The Court Order route is necessary if the company was dissolved voluntarily. However, if the company was struck off (usually following a failure to file the necessary statutory documents), then an Administrative restoration would be appropriate.

Please note that only companies that have been dissolved for less than six years may apply for restoration to the Register, except where a company is being restored in order to pursue a personal injury claim.

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