Evictions Bans Extended

Evictions Bans Extended

The Government has announced extensions to the bans on residential and commercial evictions in England.

Residential Tenants

The ban on residential evictions means that there will be no evictions by bailiffs before 31 May except in very limited circumstances.

For residential tenancies, landlords must provide a 6-month notice period of eviction. This requirement will remain in place until 31 May 2021 at least. Eviction proceedings with 2 weeks’ notice may proceed for egregious causes only, such as anti-social behaviour, domestic abuse or fraud, if the landlord produces a Section 8 notice, or 4 weeks for tenants who owe more than 6 months’ rent.

Commercial Tenants

The government is seeking to support businesses that have had to close down because of lockdown restrictions. The ban on commercial evictions is now extended to 30 June, taking in to account the aim of the government to allow hospitality businesses to reopen and recommence generating income not earlier than 17 May.

The government is also urging commercial landlords and tenants to negotiate ways of paying or writing off rent debts by 30 June.

These moves will protect housing and employment for millions of people, with around 49% of hospitality workers and 36% of retail workers living in rented accommodation.




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