Wills, probate and estates

Wills, probate and estates

If you’ve not yet made a Will then you’re not alone. In Britain, around two thirds of people don’t have a valid Will in place and around one third of us will die without a Will – known as dying ‘intestate’.

But there are many reasons why should act now and put your personal affairs in order.

By leaving a Will you will make sure that your family and friends aren’t left to deal with unnecessary problems.

Additionally, if you die without making a Will, your property, investments, savings and personal effects – will pass to your relatives in a strict order of priority that is decided by the rules of intestacy (as specified in the Administration of Estates Act 1925)  – meaning you are not able to control who inherits your assets.

If you are not married but living with someone then, without a Will, their partner will not be protected financially and might even be left homeless.

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