Legal Guide to post-Brexit Britain


The UK has now entered a new era of trade and relations with the EU following Brexit, which has left businesses and individuals facing many new rules and changes to existing laws and regulations.

The nation’s withdrawal from the EU covers many different areas of everyday life and the legislation associated with it, such as:

  • Trade with the EU
  • Employment
  • Work in the EU
  • Personal data
  • Disputes
  • Corporate matters
  • The impact on UK cross-border insolvency
  • Family and relationships

Our team at Ardens Solicitors has given careful consideration to each of these topics and prepared a helpful guide which covers some of the points that businesses and individuals need to consider post-Brexit.

This guide is detailed, but not comprehensive and it is strongly advised that you seek legal advice in relation to any of the topics covered within this document. The information was correct at time of publishing: January 2021.

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